SUFFERN, NY-As a rabid lover of snow since childhood, I have always envied how an amplified jet benefits the Far Western US in the fall much more than it benefits the East Coast.

Almost invariably, we almost seem to be in a ridge position here on the coast, and the air aloft is so warm at that proverbial 500 mb level! Sometimes you can get it to snow here more easily in April or early May with a cold upper-air storm aloft than you can in October!

Even if the East Coast experienced a jet stream dip as the Far West is experiencing now, chances are overwhelming that the warm ocean this time of year would spell a cold rain at best, even with a stiff northeast wind and a strong coastal storm.

However, I have remembered several October snow events in the New York City: the earliest was Oct. 10. You have to have perfect parameters all coming together.

I was vacationing once in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut when a cold rain turned into a heavy, wet branch-breaking snow one weekend of Oct. 3-4 in the 1980s…

-Herb Fischer

2 thoughts on “Fall is warmer than spring…”
  1. I was a student in my final semester in fall 1980 at Glassboro State College, NJ (now Rowan University). It was Columbus Day, but classes were being held. Enough of a steady snow fell for several hours to accumulate 2 inches on grassy surfaces. One of my classes durong that semester was a Meteorology elective. The class would visit the on campus weather station, record the air temperature, wind speed, direction and the wet bulb to determine relative humidity.

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