SUFFERN, NY-It isn’t surprising anymore that some of our biggest winter storms have thunder and lightning with them, especially having heard Henry Margusity explain it!

Snowstorms aren’t simply a product of lighter, warm air overunning a block of cold air. Any warm front can do that!

That’s why I always hope an intensifying cyclone glides just close enough to the coast so that we get some of the best lifting!…But not so far west that my area of the Hudson Valley gets sleet or rain.

I understand that thunder-and-lightning also accompany lake-effect snows.

Imagine how lucky you are if you live on the lee of the Great Lakes! Under the right conditions, cold, dry arctic air doesn’t act as a suppressor. When it hits the warm lake waters of late-fall, early winter, you have it made! Heavy plumes of fluffy snow descend from the clouds, accompanied by a light-and-sound show!

-Herb Fischer

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Severe Weather Blasting Across the South
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