The weather this week will certainly be stormy as we start the week with a coastal storm that will hit New England into The Delmarva. That area will see heavy rains and strong winds. Winds across southern New England into New Jersey can see wind gusts over 40 mph. Heavy rains could lead to flooding.

A second storm will hit later in the week and that storm could produce severe weather and more heavy rains across the same areas of the Northeast. I do remain concerned for a severe weather outbreak in the Mid-Atlantic Friday.

Speaking of severe weather, the High Plains will see severe storms with possible tornadoes Tuesday followed by severe weather across the Gulf Coast Wednesday. Both areas will see storms with damaging winds, heavy rains and hail.

Colder weather will blast into the Northern Plains this weekend. We will see the first real blast of cold weather with possible snow in the Mountains and possibly along the Front Range of the Rockies. We will see snow problems the followed week.

The rains will end in California Tuesday. Drier weather will allow for flooding clean-up.

By Henry Margusity

Expert Meteorologist with over 30 years of weather forecasting and blogging.

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