Weather Services


Winter Weather Forecasts:

PHOTO-2016-blizzard-dc-snowplow-joeflood-012316-800x450-landscapeI provide winter weather consulting on snow and ice storms that may impact your business. My exclusive Snow Rater™ system will provide you will information on when the  snow or ice storm will be heaviest in your area. 



Transportation Forecasts:

snow_plowsMy exclusive transportation services provides you will information on when roads will be impacted by snow, ice, high winds and flooding for your service area. Snow Rater™ will give you timing on when the snow will b e the heaviest and roads will be impacted to the point where travel becomes difficult. 


Marine Forecasts:

severe1I provide marine forecasts focusing on the impacts of wind, waves, weather and extreme events on your operations. Marine forecasts are out 200 miles from the coast depending on the area you require.



Landscape Forecasts:

image_resized_mower_mayTiming of rain and thunderstorms can be critical to your operations. I provide detailed hourly forecasts so you can plan your work load and crews. Temperatures, humidity and wind are included in the service.



Snow Rater™ - The only forecast product that provides your company with the
timing of the worse part of the storm when the snow is the heaviest and 
how the heaviest part of the storm will last. What will roads and sidewalks
be like? How will the heaviest part of the storm impact your operations?

Forecasts and Briefing Services

  • Forecasts made for your area. Hourly and daily forecasts.
  • Exclusive Snow Rater™ forecast.
  • Long range notification of potential snow and ice storms.
  • Daily briefing services.
  • Video briefings
  • Maps showing extreme weather including snow, ice, high winds, storms.

Forecast Delivery

I can provide forecasts in various formats and sent via multiple applications

  • Private password protected web page
  • PDF posted to a web page or sent via email
  • Email forecasts
  • Text updates
  • Phone or Video briefings



For more information and pricing contact Henry Margusity via email at or use the contact form below. 

Northern Cal Hit by Massive Storm
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