Weather Madness Pro 30 – Day Forecast

October 1 2021- October will be the month of blocking. That pattern will lead to a continuation of stormy weather across the eastern part of the country. We may actually see some snow across the Northeast late in the month. Part of the pattern will be for coastal storms to develop and as I have said recently, I am not sure if the coastal storms have tropical origins or not.

Snow will also begin by mid-month across the Northern Rockies into the Northern Plains. We may see at least two snowstorms coming out of the Rockies into the Plains with wet snow.

Severe weather will be limited to the Southern Plains into western Texas. This is not really a tornado pattern but more of a hail and damaging wind pattern.

The Gulf of Mexico could be a breeding ground for tropical activity this month as storms in the Atlantic will be shoved into the central Atlantic.

3 thoughts on “Weather Madness Pro 30 – Day Forecast”
  1. Henry,
    Personally I would like to see a few more snowstorms into lower New England, i.e. Connecticut to be exact.. Over the last few years, this area has been experiencing near drought conditions.. This is not good for the farmers and not good for the vegetation around the homes.. In any event, keep up the good work.. I thoroughly enjoy your briefings…
    John S.

  2. I’d like to see all of New England get some soaking precip in whatever form. While where I live in Maine the water level is high at the moment, based on my old dug well water level, I know that most of New England outside this area of west-central through eastern Maine is very dry.

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