Weather Madness Pro Briefing

I did some posts already today in the short range and longer range. I am finally seeing the operational models heading in the direction of the active weather pattern that will bring snow and potential major storm. The long video will be very informative today se get your coffee and watch.
Short Range

I am focusing on the first storm this week which will streak down from the Plains into the Carolina’s. The map shows where I think the snow will occur with the storm but I am leaving the door open for snow to come up to Philly, NYC, and New England. If it does do what the models say then it’s a Virginia and North Carolina snowstorm with lighter snow amounts back through TN, KY, and MO.
Long Range
The example above from the GFS shows what my concern has been with the colder storms. The polar vortex splits and that sends down some arctic air which can be captured from any storm cutting across the South into the Northeast. The potential on the weather maps this morning is crazy but I will continue to say that the La Nina remains the curse and blessing.

Northern Cal Hit by Massive Storm
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